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Marinaio Typeface + Ornaments

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Marinaio Typeface + Ornaments

Hederae Type Foundry
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MARINAIO SERIF - The rubber-stamp font

Introducing Marinaio a hand crafted serif narrow font designed by Valerio Dell'Edera. The new Marinaio Family is a hand crafted typeface inspired by rubber-stamping and carving. This font is perfect to create custom stamps, coffeetable books, invitations and many more. 

There are many alternate ligatures available within the font including œ, æ, gg, fi, tt, ff, ft, li, fh, fj, ffk, ffb, fl and wi. It also boasts a large symbol and ornamental set. The anatomy of any character is basically a tall and black serif with softened edges to replicate the vintage printing effect or rubber-stamp. This makes everything more light with heavy details too.


  • Open Type font file (.otf)
  • Complete vector set of the handcrafted Typeface
  • Character Ligatures & Stylistic Alternates
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Glyphs
  • A vector set of Ornaments (NEW)
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